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Viral Films Media will be partnering with Arkhaven Comics and Galatia Films on Rebel’s Run

Viral Films Media LLC is a new film company with the business purpose of creating a single live-action superhero film – Rebel’s Run –  based on characters from the Alt-Hero comic book universe created by Vox Day and Arkhaven Comics.  We founded Viral Films Media to provide an alternative to the major Hollywood studios. 

VFM is producing a film based on a new superhero universe offering a range of original characters, great stories and themes that aim to impact and influence the culture of today.  

VFM’s production of Rebel’s Run will demonstrate that a small independent start-up can challenge and outdo Hollywood.  Rebel's Run will present audiences with a new, bold superhero and fantasy universes: not a remake and iteration of a classic from yesteryear, but a revolutionary and creative vision that will bring a new superhero universe and characters to the screen, with exciting, impactful, fearless storytelling and a counter-cultural, game-changing fighting spirit.

In producing Rebel's Run, Viral Films Media will be working together with an outstanding team of creators and production professionals to produce an independent live-action superhero film. The creative and production team includes Arkhaven Comics, scriptwriters Vox Day and legendary comic book writer Chuck Dixon, director Scooter Downey and production company Galatia Films with Daniel McNicoll and Nuala Barton producing.

For this investment proposition, Viral Films Media will produce a single feature film, Rebel’s Run.  While it may expand its business purpose in the future, investors’ returns will be based upon the performance and proceeds from one film.