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Subscription Agreement

We received the following question from an investor:

Q: I'm unclear where to send my signed subscription agreement. Can I fax it to you?

A: The way Regulation Crowdfunding works, we cannot sell any securities until the campaign is up for at least 21 days. So currently, your funded pledge will be held in escrow with the third-party escrow agent (Sunrise Bank) until we hold a closing. Once the closing is announced pursuant to the requirements of REG CF, you will be prompted to fill out the contract electronically on the SPPX portal page itself. No need to fax anything. So sit tight for now until the campaign is over or a closing is held. In the meantime, you can review the Subscription Agreement to see what information you will need to provide (name, address, your wire instructions, confirmations as to whether you are an accredited investor, etc.) You also have the right to cancel your pledge up to 48 hours prior to closing.

Daniel McNicoll
Head of Production
Viral Films Media